Monday, February 1, 2010

Moody Mondays

Why is it that being a stay at home mom automatically makes some people believe I have all the time in the world to work on my "hobby" aka my writing? First off, I don't consider writing to be a hobby it's more of passion, something that needs to happen for me to maintain my own sanity and I don't have all day to write. I love my daughter too much to neglect her for my laptop, although reading other blogs can be addictive.

I am a mom and spend my days chasing runny noses, encouraging imagination, building block towers, changing diapers, cleaning, picking up toys, laundry and more laundry, errands... and repeat. All while making sure my curious kiddo stays safe, eats well and doesn't climb the bookshelf. I do this, cook dinner, help hubby with dishes (yes, he does dishes and makes awesome waffles) do bath time with hubby (again I'm lucky, he's a great papa bearz), relax for a bit...maybe squeeze in a sitcom or good book and than if I'm lucky get in my writing after 10 pm. Plus, I'm married to a wonderful man (see above) who enjoys my attention too.
I love it, all of it well not the laundry part but the rest I love...truly.

I love writing too and would love to spend more time doing it, but besides sneaking in research and reading blogs during nap time, the bulk of my writing is done after my work day, at night, in small moments of inspiration when I can fit it in, like the rest of the working world. Ok, that's my rant for this Moody Monday. What's yours? If you don't have one and are having a particularly good day...let me know. I could use the pick me up :P.
-Topaz Blue


  1. Great Post Topaz!

    Hmm, my rant lately has been at my own self! I am fortunate enough at this time to be a stay at home mom also, (well, except the one day I have to venture into the world of work) and here I sit all day and night playing on this dumb computer! Sure I take kids to school, feed them, run errands, not a whole lot of laundry (heehee)take to dance class, and so on, but darn it, I need to spend more time actually with them!

    Maybe I should start a CA group. Hello, my name is Shawna and I'm addicted to my computer! Just need the 12 steps to recovery :)

  2. Great post! I try to have paper and pen around me at all times. I scribble on my lunch hour and have been known to pull over in order to write something down.