Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Am Your Child

Okay, I missed Valentine's Day but wanted to post something regarding love anyway. It's related to the love between a parent and child. A poem I wrote quite a long time ago, but worth sharing. Enjoy!

I Am Your Child

Take a little time
Slow down just for me
I want a little attention
I have so many questions, you see
I am your child
On you I rely
To solve life’s many mysteries
And dry my tears when I cry
I try not to be too needy, or ask too much
I know I don’t always do as I’m told
I do try to listen once in awhile
Cause I don’t like it when you scold
In spite of that, I love you
You’re a hero in my eyes
In ever way I try to be like you
I wonder if you even realize
Please slow down just for me
I try very hard to keep up with you
Sometimes I’m running at a frantic pace
For every step you take, I hafta’ take two
Maybe we could go for a walk
Have a discussion on ladybugs
Read that new book we bought
Or maybe just share some hugs

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