Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Was Gonna' Do That

I thought this was funny and wanted to share with you. A friend of mine and I were talking about men the other day. Having been divorced for some time, I had forgotten about the perpetual state of readiness men are in. The “I was gonna’ do that” state. They spend the majority of their time stand poised on the brink of doing something. Must be exhausting. (You have to know I’m rolling my eyes.)

She was saying her son and husband can’t seem to find anything, unless she gives very precise instructions as to its location. Now my son, I will admit, does NOT seem to be afflicted with this, at least not to a great degree. He does pretty well finding things. I explained to her the reason they couldn’t find it is because they are looking like a man. Uproarious laughter all around.

Don’t get me wrong, I love men. I truly do. I’m raising a future man and think most men are truly delightful. I find the differences in the sexes so interesting. Men are more numbers oriented (most anyway) and women are more feelings oriented. We don’t care that 68% of the people preferred this, we just know we loved it because it touched our heart. Women spot small, almost microscopic particles of dirt. Men do not notice dirt until it's large enough to support commercial agriculture. Something along those lines. So, I have a feeling that men will continue to not be able to find their keys, overlook their dirty sweat socks on the floor, and whatever you’re doing, know that they were gonna’ do that.